Video Wall Signage

Premium video wall displays featuring deeper visual impact and extremely thin bezels

Superb color accuracy and brightness uniformity thanks to precise calibration and panel technology.

Highly reliable displays designed for 24/7 operation, with simple, easy-to-use special wall mount.

Minimum bezel width 1.7 mm content-to-content for a virtually seamless, life-like viewing experience.

Connect displays with quad core system-on-chip technology or Daisy Chain through DP 1.2 or HDMI.

46″ and 55″ displays available (specifications vary)

Seamless content

Samsung video wall displays deliver seamless content with their ultra-narrow bezel (down to 1.7 mm) while MagicINFO’s powerful performance creates smooth transitions between content with no lag, black screens or gaps during playback.

Intelligent HD upscaling

Designed to maintain performance in various indoor environment conditions, The Samsung video wall displays enable vivid and reliable content delivery for every business need with continuous 24/7 operation.

Non-glare panel

Samsung video wall displays feature a non-glare panel that evenly distributes light across the screen to maintain content vibrancy and accuracy, with a high contrast ratio to display vivid and memorable content.

Durable and reliable

Each video wall display features a reinforced panel for long-term performance. This superior panel prevents screen darkening, light leakage and picture deterioration.

Comprehensive calibration

Samsung’s multi-step factory calibration process tunes video walls to uniform brightness and color throughout multiple displays. In addition to rigorous factory calibration, our experts will also manage brightness and color uniformity when installing to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

Highly configurable wall mounts

The user-friendly special wall mounts ensure easy installation and reduced labour costs. Sized to the dimensions of the video wall, the wall mount allows our installation team to install the mount first and fit into the video wall, eliminating tedious efforts to measure and adjust the wall mount size.

System-on-chip (SoC)

Choose a system-on-chip video wall model featuring an embedded media player, allowing screens to easily switch between displaying individual content and operating together to display a cohesive image. This can be done with a simple HDMI loop out or LAN connection, eliminating the need for an external media player.

Daisy chain

Non-SoC video wall displays offer a powerful UHD viewing experience with minimal effort. Support up to 5×5 wall configuration based on the use of DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI ports, with a . The display can project UHD content across multiple screens simultaneously.

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