Standalone Indoor Signage

Display any content in ultra-high definition with incredibly rich color on slim, efficient signage.

Engage customers with lifelike images through ultra high-definition resolution.

Deliver UHD-level picture quality even with lower resolution content through innovative UHD upscaling technology and unique picture-enhancing features.

Dynamic Crystal Color allows viewers to enjoy a wider spectrum of colors, up to one billion shades.

System-on-chip with advanced content management.

32″ – 98″ displays available (specifications vary).

Incredible 4K picture quality

Samsung’s new indoor range provides ultra high-definition 4K resolution, creating lifelike images with sharper picture quality than ever before.

Intelligent HD upscaling

Cutting-edge intelligent UHD upscaling technology performs edge restoration and noise reduction to deliver perfect UHD picture quality even with lower resolution content. This “future-proof” solution ensures best-in-class picture quality regardless of the original content resolution.

Dynamic crystal colour

With 10 bit processing for flawless color expression, viewers can enjoy a wider spectrum of colors up to one billion shades. HDR+ functionality converts standard definition content to HDR quality for sharper contrast and more vivid colors.

Perfect view with non-glare display

Reliable, non-glare panels provide better visibility from all angles, anytime of day allowing you to deliver accurate information 24/7 in locations where clear and accurate information is crucial.

Slim and symmetrical design

The all-new symmetric design simplifies wall mounting and ensures installation is seamless. The flat back and slim depth will ensure a display that will stand the test of time.

Clean cable management

With the new cable guide feature, we are able to tuck away messy cables from view. This allows for a clean and visually-appealing experience for viewers, even when the back of the display is visible.

Powerful, all-in-one solution

System-on-chip provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies installation and maintenance. With Tizen 4.0, businesses can enjoy easy content management, installation, advanced features and secured protection.

WiFi and Bluetooth built-in

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth allow for more personalized and interactive services as well as simplifying how businesses showcase content. Whether it’s to make networking simpler or enabling interactive beacon technology in-store, our displays help businesses move into the future.

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