Window and Outdoor Signage

Promote content with exceptional clarity and robustness using Samsung ultra-high brightness displays

Ultra-high brightness displays provide excellent visibility, even in direct sunlight

Single or double facing displays

Robust outdoor displays perform in almost any environment

System-on-chip with advanced content management

Brilliant presentation for all

Featuring up to 4,000 nit brightness and a high contrast ratio of 5,000:1, Samsung outdoor and window displays remain bright and clear, delivering an uncompromised picture that will capture the attention of potential customers – even in direct sunlight.

Durable performance

With IP5X-validated dust protection and a proprietary 3-step process to prevent damage from overheating, Samsung window displays stand the test of time.

Deliver vibrant content with efficiency

Samsung window displays consume less power than conventional displays while delivering a brilliant picture and spectacular performance.

Clutter-free configuration

Cable guide and embedded Wi-Fi provide clean, organized look and allow for content and firmware updates without the need for additional messy cables.

Modernize space with flexible design

Double-sided displays can be easily mounted on a stand or hung from a ceiling, giving you more options for positioning. The smart design creates a clean look and offers flexibility in how valuable space is designed and utilized.

Resistant to outdoor elements

Full outdoor displays are verified to perform in any outdoor setting. IP56-rated protection ensures your displays will withstand physical impact as well as dust, humidity and other outdoor elements that could affect the display.

Powerful, all-in-one solution

System-on-chip provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies installation and maintenance. With Tizen 4.0, you can utilise easy content management, installation, advanced features and secured protection.

Visibility day and night

With a built-in dimming sensor, compatible displays automatically adjust the brightness based on the external lighting environment, saving display operating expenses and power consumption.

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