LED Signage

Revitalize Indoor Customer Engagement With Realistically Brilliant Picture Quality

Industry’s highest-quality LED diodes

Advanced color calibration

Energy-saving cabinet design

Convenient installation and operation

Indoor, outdoor and event products available (specifications vary

Superior picture quality

With more businesses turning to LED signage for an enhanced customer experience, Samsung’s fine pixel pitch LED displays offer an ideal combination of superior picture quality and intuitive usability. They combine Samsung’s leading video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement to add clarity and sophistication to featured content – all within a compact, easy-to-maintain design. In turn, you can deliver more realistic and memorable content without incurring additional costs or added burden.

Bright and clear LED expression

Samsung’s LED displays leverage HDR scene adaptation technology to showcase a detailed and realistic picture. Through this process, customized algorithms analyze and optimize gradation and brightness levels within individual content scenes while also preventing dazzling. You also benefit from dynamic peaking that empowers displays to reach peak brightness levels nearly two times higher than standard LED maximum brightness norms.

Accurate color expression for low brightness settings

Often, conventional LED displays struggle to present red, green and blue color hues accurately and without distortion in low grayscale settings. Samsung LED displays alleviate these challenges through a unique grayscale management algorithm that maintains consistent R/G/B gradation for improved color accuracy. As a result, low-brightness indoor environments, such as galleries, museums and shops, can display content at optimal quality with uniform and precise color expression.

Detailed and customized color presentation

Compatibility with various color gamut settings, including the sRGB, AdobeRGB and LED Natural Mode spectra, enables Samsung LED displays to emphasize brilliant color expression customized for specific environmental needs. Specialized indoor operations, such as broadcast studios and galleries, in turn can customize color gamut conditions to accommodate their advanced needs and achieve seamless content delivery.

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