From retail spaces to corporate offices, QSR outlets to classrooms, MagicINFO provides your teams with the tools needed to effectively communicate with both employees and customers. Engage your audience, whatever the size and shape of your digital signage portfolio.


Create and deploy innovations to elicit memorable experiences with menu boards and more.

Incorporate new innovation such as beacons, order-ahead apps and self-ordering kiosks to optimize operational efficiency and positively impact consumers.

Plan or adapt schedule content based on parameters including time, day and season.

Boost sales through use of enticing videos of products, leveraging upsell potential, and dynamically promoting add-on items.


Enable an immersive customer experience by allowing digital experiences to translate into offline shopping environments.

Drive sales and brand awareness by attracting customers into the retail environment through engaging digital solutions.

Launch content across an array of localized or off-site screens thanks to a cloud-based content management solution.

Apply real-time customer preferences in order to optimize messages that appeal to target customers.


Improve overall service while showcasing effective content and communication.

  • Make the most of wait times through use of entertaining videos, live news feeds and social media.
  • incorporate new technology such as beacons, mobile apps and self-ordering kiosks to optimize operational efficiency and positively impact consumers.
  • Unlock new revenue sources by tapping into advertising potential.


Streamline communication that’s always up-to-date, relevant and fast.

  • Seamlessly integrate with accounting and back-office departments as a means to ensure accurate ticket prices, attractions, event information and current promotions.
  • Minimize wait times at POS through use of interactive self-service order kiosks.
  • Expand revenue with add-on suggestions, promotions, extra services and advertising income.


Realize a connected community in a modernized campus.

  • Maintain tight and centered control of messaging that allows individuals, departments and organizations to share from their own device.
  • Receive assurance that emergency alerts and notifications are being disseminated throughout the campus.
  • Keep staff informed and entertained while broadcasting news and content to the displays.


Communicate with trusted data in real-time.

  • Display live financial data feeds in real time.
  • Deploy and update content from a central location or allow content to be customized to suit local banking conditions and audiences.
  • Captivate users and new businesses though effective use of interactive displays with eye-catching promotion.
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