With both hardware and software developed by Samsung, MagicINFO has many unique features, which are not found in any other signage solution.

Virtual Remote

As a content platform that can support both remote hardware and software management, MagicINFO is the only signage solution that allows users to view what is being displayed on-screen live and to have full control over the display. The MagicINFO technology serves as a virtual “remote control”, permitting content managers to change display properties from any location.

Backup Player Redundancy

MagicINFO maintains a consistent content flow at all times, reducing potential interruptions and distractions. The platform allocates priority content to a neighboring secondary display if the primary display goes offline.

Intuitive UI Design

The MagicINFO platform uses an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface within a web browser. It allows for users to adjust content schedules, build playlists and integrate new text or visuals without technical knowledge. Content managers also can receive mobile alerts notifying them of potential performance issues or deployment errors, and work quickly to address them from any location. These convenient benefits ultimately reduce overall content management time and expenses.

Create diverse content

MagicINFO includes a broad library of templates, icons and images, offering greater opportunity for businesses of all types to tailor content for their unique audience needs.



Loads of Templates & Clip Art

Lots of templates & clip arts MagicINFO 7 comes with built in decoration stickers and stamps to make content more visually appealing to the consumer.

Widget integration

Customers can experience more dynamic, visually engaging content with built-in applications such as, Accuweaher, Media RSS and Preview.

User’s font support

This feature gives users the ability to customize and install personalized, preferred font that aligns with the established brand.

Variable tags

Deploy multiple web contents with a single dynamic URL address connected to device’s variable tags. When deployed, devices will specify their dedicated content’s location using device tags assigned to them.

Dynamic visual effect

Easily manage HTML5 content by uploading a zip file or URL straight from the server and play directly to the device without internet connection.

Various Forms of File Format Support

Web author supports a range of file formats (HTML, LFD, JPG, MP4, DOC, PPT, PDF, MP3, etc.,). After content creation, file format will be ‘LFD, DLK, VWL’ which are MagicINFO’s native format. *User can select file format according to usage. (LFD : general content, DLK : Datalink element, VWL : Videowall content)


Simple scheduling

The simple scheduling tool allows users to easily schedule content with the click of a button, customizing the date and time content goes live.

Nested playlist creation

This feature reduces time and effort when scheduling promotional content by allowing the user to create a playlist with a variety of playback content that disappears after a set time period.

Advanced tag management

Useful for a large customer base, this tool allows the user to operate massive amounts of content in one step, making content management effective and simple.

Group management

The MagicINFO system conveniently manages content device by group, creating no need to set up a playlist for every separate device.

Web content management

Easily manage HTML5 content by uploading a zip file or URL straight from the server and play directly to the device without internet connection.

Playlist restoring

Efficiently store and save previous versions of content and access it at any time.

Advanced back-up play

Create an error solution for visual displays including a backup setting that will continue to display important content even if the main device is out of order.

Multi-channel management

Deploy up to ten multi-channels that are scheduled.

Multi-frame management

Easily create multiple frames within a single display panel, each with the ability to play its own unique content.

Real time data publish

Customize your content with real-time data and display the content through the sophisticated Datalink Server software.

Smart video wall replacement

When it comes time to upgrade to replace the video wall, the MagicINFO 7 software will internalize the video wall layout that was programmed.

Device monitoring

Conveniently monitor all content that is streaming through video wall devices on a single dashboard.

Email notification

The MagicINFO software will automatically send an email notification with an overview of the error to the main device if the system malfunctions.

External server monitoring

This features allows for dynamic content distribution and the ability to monitor the status of the external server from the user dashboard.

Error detection

MagicINFO 7 software allows for proactive monitoring and provides over 40 hardware and software errors with information on how to diagnose and fix a problem on your network.

Remote control

Enable to adjust critical settings from any location, with an intuitive interface mirroring the experience of standing right in front of the display.

Security control

With this feature, user can monitor and control each signage’s security setting including network port access and USB navigation based on company’s security policy.


UHD content playback

Offers customisable and stunning UHD video playback in either landscape or portrait mode.

HTML5 content playback

S player supports HTML5 compatibility which allows content providers to create rich and dynamic content.

Multi-video playback

Support up to three unique FHD videos in one single template for both landscape and portrait viewing mode.

Seamless content transitions

This feature creates a smooth transition between content with no lag, black screen or gaps during playback.

Remote workspace

Supports remote access from the signage to the user’s PC with improved security using the cloud server, this creates no need for PC or laptop in a meeting.

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