Dynamic Scheduling

React instantly to your local environment with rules-based content scheduling

React instantly and automatically to real time changes in customer demographics, footfall, sales performance, weather, customer mood and more.

Reduce content management costs and improve maintenance convenience.

Leverage easy and instantaneous content management capabilities for efficient and reliable business usage.

Optimise Marketing Content

The in-store shopping experience is the decision-making factor for boosting store sales. Rules-based scheduling allows your digital signage content to react automatically to your audience by counting footfall, analysing demographics or responding to changes in the weather. With constant adaptation and optimisation running in the background, you can ensure maximum effectiveness of your marketing content. Our experts helps businesses to strengthen relationships between business and their customers. In-store shoppers experience more enjoyable shopping while retailers can manage stores more efficiently with real-time marketing content.

Data hub

Collects a wide range of data from existing systems (POS, ERP, CRM etc.), IoT sensors/cameras and external systems to analyse the in-store environment.

Contextual rule manager

Recommends contents for a diverse range of situations and optimises promotions based on real-time results measurements to provide analytics-based automated marketing.

Connected CMS

Provides dynamic marketing content by integrating real-time analytic results and external data. Then considers each store environment and customer demographics to update content in real time.

Multi-channel management

Increase customer engagement by providing the appropriate marketing message at exactly the right time.

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