Dynamic Content

Provide up-to-date information with simplified and affordable real-time content management

Deliver real-time information with ease, convenience and enhanced communication.

Reduce content management costs and improve maintenance convenience.

Leverage easy and instantaneous content management capabilities for efficient and reliable business usage.

Extensive Flexibility

Datalink, in combination with MagicINFO, provides timely information with simplified real-time content management. It enables users to have content instantly updated in real time through the use of remote database sources and having content managed through diverse applications. With Datalink + MagicINFO, businesses can take advantage of dynamic price changes for promotions through existing POS systems, for example in QSR or retail locations. Or, update exchange rates or interest rates instantly and automatically.


Change content easily

When a user wants to easily change content, the user can simply copy and paste files (including video and image files) into a shared folder that is linked to the displays through a network. The displayed data is automatically reloaded from shared folders as it is updated.

Change pricing data in real time

Pricing data can be changed directly on a server and is automatically updated and displayed on the signage in real time.

Add tags to your signage

Tags assigned to various content enable users to show different content from the same playlist based on the tags.

Use MS Excel files for updating data in real time

For operator convenience, MS Excel files can be used to store and update content, with any changes automatically reflected on the connected displays.

Connect database systems

Database systems, such as those used by airlines and train stations can be connected through DataLink for automatically updated scheduling and other information display.

Convert text to icons

DataLink can convert text to display as icons for more appealing and eye-catching content presentation.

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